Weltrevee Carrier – Multifunctional Carrier Storage

Weltrevee Carrier – Multifunctional Carrier Storage

The Weltrevee Carrier is a durable portable holdall that doubles as additional seating when not in use. Made from recycled plastic, this carrier is weather resistant and incorporates a convenient carrying handle. It features a lidded compartment for storing small items, and an open space for more storage.

Weltrevee Carrier

Weltrevee’s Carrier is a multifunctional, 셀프스토리지,portable storage solution that also doubles as extra seating. It’s made from weatherproof, durable materials and features a convenient carrying handle for easy portability. It also includes a lidded container for smaller items and an open space for additional storage.

The Carrier’s integrated handle makes it easy to carry things like firewood and other supplies. It’s also a functional seat with additional storage underneath, making it perfect for smaller spaces. It was designed by a Dutch designer, Thor ter Kulve, who lives in London and was inspired by his time on a boat.

Wafer carrier storage

Wafer carriers are necessary for safe storage and shipping of wafers. They come with a cover, spring, and container to protect the wafers from damage. They are available in several sizes ranging from one inch to six inches in diameter. They are also highly durable and process compatible. Wafer carriers are easy to clean and assemble.

Wafer carrier storage desiccator cabinets offer high-density storage for silicon wafers. They can be configured to accommodate 200-mm or 300-mm wafers and feature a pass-through design that allows dual-side access. These cabinets can also be equipped with a humidity control system to improve desiccator efficiency. A humidity control system saves 70% of nitrogen costs. Wafer carrier storage desiccator cabinets also come with the option of ordering isolated atmosphere chambers.

Wafer carriers can be made from polypropylene or glass. Micro-Tec wafer carrier trays are made of natural polypropylene and come in sizes of one inch to six inches. They have a conical base to support the wafers and are held in place by a locking cap and spider spring. A clamshell type carrier is also available for 6 and eight-inch wafers.

Wafer carrier storage systems can be automated. A robotic system can be installed in the carrier storage area. This system can also be programmed to store wafer carriers before and after input. 셀프스토리지,In this way, the system can reduce training time. Wafer carriers are also subject to secondary drying. The aim is to make the carrier surfaces as dry as possible.

The drying process begins with supplying drying gases to the processing chamber. During this stage, the drying gas is supplied through a plenum 57 adjacent to the rotational axis of the rotor. The drying gas is then jeted upon the carriers from the inner and outer gas supplies. Once a wafer carrier has reached the desired moisture content, it is then transferred to the next stage of the process.

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